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Technical Analysis

I have written this book as an introduction to technical analysis. Therefore, If you are new within Technical Analysis and need an insight into what Technical Analysis is and how you can start working with it I can highly recommend you to read it – Nanna Fick

Abot Ago-Trade - Nanna Fick

Nanna FickI, Nanna Fick, work as a prop-trader, invest own funds and educate new traders. Since 2016 I have had trading as my full-time employment. And I have started Ago-trade back in 2018 and have with the purpose to educate other traders.

For me this is the ultimate freedom and way to happiness, and I will not change it for anything! With an academic financial background, I have more than 15 years experience with business analysis and investment, and my idea about a career were for many years far from the life as a trader. 

I managed positions as Business Consultant, Business Analysis Manager and Managing Director but decided in 2016 to quit all the nice job titles in favor of a life as a full-time investor and speculator. I have spent thousands of hours in company with the charts, made several hundred excel sheets with calculations and statistics and am today known as a trader who is good at predict movements. In theory it is so simple. It can go up or it can go down 50/50. But in practice It just isn’t that simple.

 The reason for me to develop my courses is that I have seen the challenges new traders experiences, I have seen how they lose their money again and again and I have seen how they fail to develop their trading. My wish is to make trading an as giving and cool experience for others as it has been for me. My strength as investor and speculator is based on thorough analysis, persistence and mandatory risk management.

It has placed me amongst the 5% who hasn’t lost all of their money, burnt account after account or succeeded in getting the big winning trade just to lose everything afterwards. Step by step I have build up. 

Possibly it’s a bit of female sense in a crazy world – a crazy exciting world.

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Alexander Almasy

“I have a lot of experience. Despite of this Nanna could help me. Nanna gives constructive feed back that is directed axactly to your trading and your challenges, and I am so pleased that I invested both time and money because it is worth it. Further Nanna will tell you things you cant read in

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Brio Larsen

After having traded for 2 years without either succes or failure I decided to attend Nannas Price Action course. This course really tought me how I until now have traded, and what part of my trading behavior I should change. Nanna tought us entry and exit strategies that will make it a lot easier to

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I have just attended Nannas Price Action Course 30/31 ay 2020 and I have to say that I am impressed about how much new useable knowledge you get on this course. Even though you come with a lot of knowledge. Therefore, if you want to improve your trading, you should attend this course. June 2020

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