Alexander Almasy

"I have a lot of experience. Despite of this Nanna could help me. Nanna gives constructive feed back that is directed axactly to your trading and your challenges, and I am so pleased that I invested both time and money because it is worth it. Further Nanna will tell you things you cant read in the books and I will absolutely recommend Nanna as a mentor. may 2020 Gert Mikkelsen: It is now 4 days since I attended this Price Action and trading psychology course and I have to ascertain that the knowledge I have received works! Nanna delivers strategies and tools that can be taken into use right away. Wether you are a day-, swing or long term trader, new or experiences. the content is deliverd in an easy to understand way and individual levels and challenges are being taken into account. The part with the psychological aspect is a real eye opener. I really feel that I have received the edge I was missing before the course. November 2019 - Price Action and trading psychology Jørgen: Really good course and rich in excercises. Nanna has and extremely positive and exciting way to teach. The best part of the course was the massive introduction the candlestics. April 2019 - Price Action course Casper Skaarup: Really good and well implemented course. Now I feel much more ready prepared to beat my bad habbits and hopefully trae more disciplined. The best part of the course is that all subjects were thoroughly tought and afterwards tested togetner. April 2019 - Price Action course