Technical analysis

Technical analysis (TA) is an indispensable tool for the day trader and many investors. Simply put, TA is about trying to interpret a chart using different technical and mathematical tools.

Trading Psychology

You often encounter figures like 80% or 90% as a description of how important the role of psychology is in trading and investing.

What is Price Action

Price Action is a form of Technical Analysis in which you focus entirely on price and how it changes over time.

trading cource


Investing may relate to a wide range of activities and areas: Real estate or the stock market, wine, art, old cars and much more.

Introduction to day trading

Day trading is buying and selling assets faster than a normal investor. In this article you will get an introduction to different asset classes.

Fundamental Analysis & Macroeconomics

Fundamental Analysis deals with the intrinsic value of any security. When we switch to a helicopter view on the economy, we talk about Macroeconomics.