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Me me me, and this blog..

In this blog there will be a lot of information on trading. About the psychology of trading, about the financial markets, the ups and downs in the life of a trader, specific methods and techniques etc.

That’s all very good. But my true desire is to inspire others to pursue their dreams, be conscious and honest about their goals in life – and to go for it!

The entire contents of my present life was created out of nothing. My approach to life in general is reflected in these two mottos that have stayed with me over the years:

–         Who dares, wins

–         You can achieve anything you want, you “just” have to set your mind on it


Besides being a mother, I am a business woman, an entrepreneur and a day trader. I have been blessed in that my work has always  simultanously been my hobby.  Launching new projects and watch them grow, fills me with an immense sense of energy and power.

What I have always yearned for is freedom – in every sense of the word. Being free to decide for myself, to travel when I want, to purchase nice things. This has meant that I have held a regular 9-5 job for less than a year in total throughout my entire life! At the same time I have worked weeks of 50+ hours for most of my adult life, however, I have also had great flexibility in deciding when to place those hours. This has given me ample time to be around my children while they were growing up.

My sense of freedom is also defined by the fact that lots of things in life cost money so for me the key to achieving freedom is making good money. Having a focus on making money might be taboo to many people, but I have come to accept the fact that in order to buy high-quality foods, being able to go on  spontaneous trips when I want, drive a good car and provide a proper foundation for my children, then money – a good deal of it – is needed. In fact it has been a source of relief for me to realise and be honest about the importance of money in my life.

The route to where I am today has led through jobs with fancy titles and frequently holding positions in management. The rate of success has been measured by the number of business travels in a year!

Now I work full time as a day trader and investor, is a teacher of trading, and write about trading. Here the rate of success can be measured very accurately by the size of one’s trading account.

The common denominator in both these periods of my life has been lots of work, a huge responsibility and lots of external stress factors. Getting limited sleep, having lots of meetings etc. – all whilst struggling in to reconcile the role of single mother with that of a workaholic.  In many ways it has been – and still remain – a stressful life, and without the proper values to guide me along it can easily take its toll on body and mind.

By the same token I have always had to put a lot of effort into leading a healthy life. In this way I have strived to create a sense of balance in my life. For me a healthy lifestyle can mean a wide variety of things, from the specific things you eat, how fit you manage to keep yourself – but equally as important things like maintaing your mental health and focus, as weel as filling your life with joy and inspiration.

Along the way and through all these experiences I have learned how to combine a healthy lifestyle, with a well-functioning family life as well a good working career.

Specifically when it comes to trading my long arduous road through ups and downs has made me aware of the common factors leading to profability in trading, that is long-lasting profability.

The results of this I can only hope to be able to pass on to others. At the same time, I shall continue to develop myself as a trader, and as a human being. The processes I have been through within myself during this journey towards becoming a profitable trader will hopefully benefit the people following this blog, and similarly I imagine that some of you may have some valuable input to inspire me and the other readers!

This is my ultimate goal and desire by creating this blog.


Author: Nanna Fick
Translator: Peter Thurmann