Day Trading Course for beginners and easily practiced

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This day trading course is meant for traders who are yet to be profitable and those who experience a lack of discipline in their trading. It consists of 3 modules, and aims at providing you with a solid base for kicking off a career within trading.

In order to benefit as much as possible from this course, it has been designed in a way that enables you to continue working with the subjects we cover, when you are at home. We also focus on the challenges that often emerge when you are trading by yourself. Many aspiring traders have experienced the contrast between how easy it all seems when taught or read about, only to be starring at a sea of red at the end of the trading day. .

The number of participants will be limited so as to give you ample opportunity to dwell into individual questions and challenges.

This course caters for both the absolute beginner and the slightly advanced, yet struggling trader. The only requirement is a willingness to dedicate your time and effort. You will need to bring a laptop (with excel). I also expect you to prepare yourself by reading the article I am going to send you, which I will choose depending on how long you have been trading for.

Here is a selection of some of the subjects we will cover:

·         Risk management

·         Basic technical analysis

·         Pattern recognition and Price Action

·         Trading psychology

·         How to develop your trading

·         Creating your own toolbox for trading,

·         Your personal trading strategy and business plan

I will provide you with an analysis tool that will help you improve your trading performance. You will be given various tests and exercises, some of them as homework.

After finishing the course and for the next 2 months, I offer you sessions to go over your trades.

Should you want to repeat the course at a later stage, you can do so at a 25% discount. When you have signed up for any course from the package, the next one you take will be reduced by 30%.

Price: DKK 10.950