Trading courses

Weekend course for beginners and easily practised in Copenhagen 24.04-25.04.2021

Course content

At first you need to learn how to trade, first hereafter you can start to make a living out of it. But for many these first steps are missing. And instead of arting a solid development their trading gets effected by bad habits and repeated mistakes. 

This weekend course is for beginners and easily practiced and people who need insight and structure. The goal is to help you establish a solid foundation from where you can develop your trading career.

After this course you will be capable of: Analysing a graph, making a strategy for when to enter and exit you trades, and in general how to manage your trades in changing markets. We will be working with technical analysis and Price Action. The goal is to give you an understanding of how and why the markets are moving. 

The reason for me to teach this way is a clear beleive that with this knowledge you will be much better at handling your trades. My methoeds are very structured with some very clear rules. And during the weekend we will buld a tjeklist for you to use whan you afterwards have to trade on your own. During the weekend we will be making a lost of exercises. In this way you will learn how to use the tools you are given in the course. Some of the things we will be working with are:

Risk management

Technical analysis

Price Action

Pattern rekognition

Methods to day trading and swing trading and invest on a longer term


How you develop your trading 

You will receive a tool to analyze your trading during and after the course. Furthermore, you will receive a tool to measure and handle risk. After the course there will be 3 webinars, and you get acces to my private telegram group. After the course can you for 2 months talk with me about your trades. And if you later on wish to attend the course again, you will in the following 2 years get a 70% discount, or if you want to attend some of our other courses you will get a 30% discount.