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Price Action and trading psychology in Aarhus 9.1.-10.1.2021

Advanced Technical analysis for daytraders, swingtraders and long term investors

This course is a weekend course for the more experienced trader and investor, who has a good knowledge with trading, technical analysis (cnadlesticks, support7resistance, double top and buttoms etc). And for the trader/investor who has experienced that out mindset plays a significant role and is something we need to get controle of. When we can manage the task of trading, it is time for us to start optimising on our trades. That is what this course is about. 

To do this I use Price Action. Price Action was the turnisng point for me, and sstarting working with Price Action mde me prifitable. But one thing is to learn different strategies for trading. Another is to learn how to use them, and how to controle our behaviour when trading which turns out to be the really difficult part. Something most people realise as our experience develops. Therefore we will be working with the psychology and our mindset on this course.

The goal is to learn how to change bad habbits that will often worsen our trading. We will be making test to learn what kind of trader we are and how risk averse we are. The results will be used during the course. You will receive a tool to analyze your trading during and after the course. Furthermore, you will receive a tool to measure and handle risk. After the course there will be 3 webinars, and you get acces to my private telegram group. 

There is a limitation of 10 new course participants on this course. After the course can you for 2 months talk with me about your trades. And if you later on wish to attend the course again, you will in the following 2 years get a 70% discount, or if you want to attend some of our other courses you will get a 30% discount.